(This was written in July, 2009)


Hello everyone!

I’m Rachel, more commonly known as Tavel. Allow me to explain what “Travels with Tavel” is all about…

On the surface, this is a blog dedicated to the one feeling that I cannot seem to shake: wanderlust. It is also a celebration of how close my last name comes to spelling out the activity I am most passionate about… travel!

Below the surface, it is my dream job. The more I peruse the internet (or, even more challenging, my own soul!), the more I realize that my dream job just might not exist out there. This means one thing: I have to create it for myself.

For years, I have wanted to start a “Travels with Tavel” blog.  But only recently did I ask myself, what are you waiting for? As I explore the most inconvenient and impractical of all careers — travel writing, ideally combined in some enigmatic way with helping people (and actually making money) — I have decided to take matters into my own hands.

This blog is an outlet for my aching curiosity about the world, my appreciation of its surprising colors and scents, and my inexplicable desire to write about all that traveling encourages me to feel, think, and see. (And have I mentioned I love to take photos while I travel?) All the writing and all the photographs are my work, unless otherwise specified. Hopefully, they capture some of the wander and some of the lust that keeps me from settling for anything less.

Obviously, “Travels with Tavel” is a work in progress,  but I know that I want others to be a part of it. As I discover its place in the universe, I hope that this blog becomes an e-quilt of people’s quirky travel moments, beautiful photos, crazy stories, and surprising discoveries. These things, though seemingly insignificant to some, deserve to be shared, if only to appreciate them in their disarming simplicity. I want “Travels with Tavel” to have attitude, to be informative, to be silly, and perhaps  most of all, to be inspiring. But for now, I’m just glad it finally exists.

For anyone experiencing the invigorating yet often inconvenient buzz of wanderlust, this blog is for you. Let’s be giddy about travel together, and let’s forget the unfortunate reality that we (ok, I) cannot possibly travel as much as we’d like to, but now you can “Travel with Tavel” wherever and whenever you want.

No longer just a daydream, welcome to my e-adventure.



2 responses to “About

  1. Jon

    Hey Tavel!

    Looks like we’re long lost siblings. I’m a New York born half-Argentinian as well, though I grew up most of my life in Boston. I lived in Ecuador for a year in Quito and Cuenca and have been living in Buenos Aires for the last year and a half. I’m also a freelance travel writing and blogger. Looks like you have a nice blog here. Good luck with the writing!

    • travelswithtavel

      Wow, that really is pretty crazy! My dad was born and raised in Boston, as a matter of fact… Thank you so much for checking out the blog. Anyone reading should check out Jon’s blog too!

      Thanks again for the support 🙂 We half-Argentinean travel writers who have lived in Ecuador need to stick together.

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