Mystery Trees

First of all, I want to celebrate that Travels with Tavel officially has over 2,ooo HITS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TUNING IN!! Four months and 2,000 hits… I can live with that. 🙂

I’ve missed several weeks of mystery snapshots, so in honor of the 2,000 hits, allow me to get back in the saddle…

Can you tell me where in the US this shot comes from, and what park it might be?





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10 responses to “Mystery Trees

  1. Tom H

    Charleston, SC. That us my final answer.

  2. Dawn

    I KNOW!

    But I won’t give it away just yet 😉

  3. Susana

    Central Park!

  4. Sarah Z

    My only guess right now is Central Park – but feel like that’s too obvious a guess!

  5. Silke

    looks all too familiar! the mall in central park!

  6. Katie

    ooooo I KNOW this one! yay 🙂
    CP, NYC

  7. rob

    riverside park???

  8. Shannon

    Ditto CP but i feel like it’s too obvious so i’m probably off… Congrats on your 2,000 hits lady!!

  9. Lisa

    I really hope we’re not all wrong on this one — but yes, I vote good ‘ol CP. 🙂

  10. missy

    i, too, am gonna go with cp in nyc. congrats on the 2,000!

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