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Hello World

Today, my official one-week countdown to “living the dream” begins.

On Friday, February 26, I will walk out of the office where I have spent the last three years daydreaming about my next adventure, and I will go LIVE it! I have the feeling it’s going to feel like…


From Meghan G.

Yes, I’d be the person with the red shirt looking up, thinking: wow, this is completely intimidating but beautiful. I’ve got to get closer…

This week, I have chosen a Mystery Snapshot that represents the feeling of GOING FOR IT, whatever that “it” might be. I’m leaving my job to pursue my (inconvenient and impractical) passion (can ya guess what it might be from this blog?) during a merciless economic recession, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I’m going to face plenty of speed bumps, but I know I’ll never regret the decision to give my little dreams a chance.

This photograph was provided by my old roommate, Meghan (thanks MG!). I chose it this week because I think it captures the exhilaration of facing a new challenge. Some of you might recognize it instantly. Maybe some of you have even been there (I = JEALOUS). Whatever information you’ve got, do share. Tell me WHAT you see (what’s the name of the big white thing with snow on it?), WHERE it is (country/region/mountain range), and any fun facts you might know about it. If it brings up any other thoughts, share those too!

Meghan, I still cannot believe you got to stand there and take this photo. Awe.



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