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Travels with Tavel, in Ecuador?

Alright people. A lot of you have been asking me what is going to happen with T w/ T when I go to Ecuador, so I will take a moment in my crazy schedule to address this.

Overused wall. San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

First of all, let me just say that I have been so strangely calm about this big move… I mean, I haven’t even touched a suitcase, nor have I made any call to hire movers. I have not figured out what I am doing with all of my furniture, nor whether or not I will keep  all of it. I have not decided which bags I’m going to use to pack and I have not figured out when I’m going to make all this magic happen.

What I HAVE done is: hang out with a lot of friends. Talked about the fact that I’m moving to Ecuador (craaaazy!). Danced around to fun music in my room, savoring the fact that I’m not stressed at all (yet?). I’ve gone for a bike ride or to a spinning class every day since I got back from Argentina. I’ve visited my old coworkers to say hi and goodbye, and I’ve watched a little Hulu. Ooh! And I’ve changed my address at the post office! Good for me, right? Tomorrow, I’m going to do laundry!

I’m not a high-stress person (I get especially calm in high-stress situations actually. It’s weird), and I am (usually) not a procrastinator. It’s not in my make-up. In fact, every essay I wrote in college, it was my “thing” to write the first sentence or paragraph the very day I had the essay assigned, even if it was due weeks later. I always feel much better when something has at least been started. And, I have never finished an essay with less than an hour or two before it’s due. Nor have I ever, in my life, stayed up past 1am to do homework or study. Just some random Tavel facts for you to digest.

Three shirtless men, laughing in a rose garden. El Rosedal, Parque 3 de Febrero, Buenos Aires.

This move is so big, with SO many details and strings attached each logistical decision, that I’ve just decided to go with the philosophy that it will get done. How? Eh, I am not sure. Who’s in charge? Oh right, me. (Shit.) But uh… I don’t know. It’s gotta get done somehow, right? I mean, I’m leaving on Monday and that’s that! It’s GOING to get done! (Magic, please?)

Eek. Confession: Today I woke up and realized that I might actually have to play a part in the whole it’s-gonna-get-done thing. I’m not really sure where to start. OK, perhaps I’m starting to get a littttttle nervous. Maybe I’ll schedule a massage? Haha. True story. I’m allowed one massage a year and, by golly [oh yes, that phrase just happened], I scheduled that noise for TODAY! WHOOHOO! Can I afford it? Nope — neither financially nor time-wise. But damn it, it’s happening at 4:15, and no to-do list is going to stop me. Gotta take care of yourself, right? Ommmm.

OK, so maybe I’ll figure out all the logistics of moving tomorrow… 🙂

Two paths in the woods. Dolores, Argentina.

As for the blog…

Look: Right now, I know very little about life beyond Monday (let us not forget I’m moving to a city in a country I’ve never even visited and I don’t TECHNICALLY have any friends yet — although I am pumped to meet everyone I have been put in touch with, including my bosses and future coworkers!). But what I can ASSURE you is that, I might be going to Ecuador, but T w/ T is not going ANYWHERE. Meaning, you can count on this blog continuing — no doubt about it.

My original plan was to make this an outlet for wanderlusters and travel daydreamers around the world. I hope it will still be just that. But, I also think it might become a combination of general travel excitement, and my own adventures in Ecuador (and beyond). I can see it becoming somewhat of a live memoirs thing, where I recount the adventures and quirks of travel and living abroad as I experience them (random snapshots, bizarre anecdotes, funny interactions, the wonders of travel) and probably draw my small experience into the light of the “big picture” so that everyone can relate. But don’t think I want this to be all about me! I still want your participation, your input, your reactions to everything. There will still be Mystery Snapshots, and I will still be seeking contributors (anyone? ANYONE?!). However, I also want to chronicle this experience as I go. Life is about to get wacky. How can I not write about it?!

In a nutshell, I’m going to figure out the future of T w/ T as I go. You’re all invited to tell me what you want out of it. Should I continue with the Mystery Snapshots? Do you have any other suggestions/ideas? Would anyone like to contribute some travel story, photo, or advice/thoughts? Bring on the feedback!

I also want to pause to acknowledge something. In all honesty, this blog was started the week I got my heart ripped to shreds and stomped on (for the second time, by the same person- shame on him or shame on me?). It had nothing to do with that situation, but the heartbreak did trigger the biggest surge of inspiration and certainty in my passion that I have ever had. I got over it. Maybe, in some twisted way, I’m grateful for it. Now, it has led me here. I’m at peace with so many things in my life, and so proud of where I am at. Whatever happens in Ecuador, I’ve done nothing but follow my heart and follow my dreams this past 10 months that the blog has existed (over 7,100 hits — YAY!). I have learned SO much about LIFE, what I am looking for, where I’ve been, and who I am. And ya know what? I’m taking all this learning and these experiences with me to Ecuador. Luckily, they’re already packed.

Roses. El Rosedal, Buenos Aires.



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