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Doors of Somerville: A Photo Walk

Today we’re going to do something a little different. It’s time for you to see Somerville, Massachusetts — TwT style. The approach: a “photo walk.” The theme: “doors.” The partner in crime: my awesome, crafty friend Molly. Allow me to explain.

Molly is the mastermind behind this project. Luckily she thought of me to help her do it! Of course, as soon as my physics exam was behind me, I was all over it. Inspired by a blog (and Molly’s upcoming trip to Kenya and Tanzania — “jealous” does not begin to describe how I feel…), we decided to do a “photo walk” in Somerville. This basically consisted of us walking around, taking photos of anything that caught our eye in an area that doesn’t get many “photographers.” We looked a little creepy and stalker-ish, but I think Somerville appreciated the love. As we snapped photos of the ‘hood, we kept to Molly’s predetermined theme: doors.

Tavel and Molly, Somerville “Photo Walk.” Theme: Doors. Photo by Tavel.

Here is a collection of our photographs. If you have a favorite, feel free to give it some love as a comment. In other words, if you have what I call a “Doorgasm,” do share it (hehehehe… OK, this term accidentally flew out of my mouth when I saw an awesome door today and claimed to have a “doorgasm” in front of Molly. I almost called this post “Doorgasm,” in fact, but was worried what Google searches might bring me…).

I know, blah blah blah, you just want to see the photos. So… here they are. Hopefully they give you some sense of the ‘hood. As always, feel free to contribute! If you have taken a photo of an awesome door in some far off land and you want to share the image, feel free to do so by attaching a link as a comment.

Enjoy! (Let us know what you think!)

(1) By Tavel.

(2) By Tavel.

(3) By Tavel.

(4) By Tavel.

(5) By Tavel.

(6) By Tavel.

(8) By Tavel.

(9) By Tavel.

(10) By Tavel.

(11) By Molly.

(12) By Molly.

(13) By Molly.

(14) By Molly.

(15) By Molly.

(16) By Molly.

(17) By Molly.

(18) By Molly.

(19) By Molly.

(20) By Molly.

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