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A Moment In… Dolores, Argentina

I have decided to begin a new TwT tradition/series called “A Moment In…”

When I get that sudden urge to fly away, and my soul feels slightly deprived of travel and suddenly inundated with wanderlust, I will satisfy it here by taking a random travel moment gone by and writing a short photo-heavy post about it. This will be a shared series, and I welcome any and all contributions. (Just email me if you want to share your own Moment In…)

To kick off this new TwT series, I invite you to take a moment and join me at an estancia in…


The adorable little table and chairs on the front porch of Estancia Dos Talas where my friend Shannon and I spent the morning sipping coffee and eating magdalena cookies before going for a walk. Dolores, Argentina.

After spending a month in Buenos Aires, my friend Shannon and I craved the country. We decided to escape the city hustle and bustle for a day on an estancia, or “estate,” two/three hours away, called Estancia Dos Talas. Argentines head to estancias where they can settle in for a lengthy asado (the traditional Argentine “BBQ” with every type of meat you can imagine), glass after glass of Malbec, cabalgatas (a horseback stroll through the countryside), and, of course, a cappuccino and medialuna (the Argentine equivalent of a croissant, which is slightly smaller and sweetened by a touch of honey and absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious) in the afternoon. I hope the photos below capture some of the tranquility and beauty of a weekend escape to Dolores, Argentina, when summer is right on the brink of becoming fall…

Shannon approaches the Estancia. Dolores, Argentina.

The estancia's on-site chapel, built in honor of the daughter of the owners, who died in a car crash while visiting her favorite place in the world: Paris. Dolores, Argentina.

Horse. Estancia in Dolores, Argentina.

Trees. Dolores, Argentina.

Skeleton of a home. Dolores, Argentina.

Gaucho in the sunset. Dolores, Argentina.

Black bull on an estancia. Dolores, Argentina.

A night sky full of bats ("murcielagos"). Dolores, Argentina.

Music to get you through the post:

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