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Il Duomo, Firenze

Fantastic job Missy, Ursula, and David! This is, in fact, Il Duomo — Brunelleschi’s dome — in Florence, Italy. And wow, you guys know your Renaissance art! David, I’m particularly impressed by your response. Thank you for teaching us all a little somethin’ about Renaissance Italy. Ursula, if you have any additional photographs to contribute, please do!

Thank you JESSI for providing us with this week’s mystery snapshot! She writes:

“I passed Il Duomo, the city’s landmark,  nearly every day during my summer in Florence (2004) but only entered it one time — the day I captured this picture. It was only my second day in Florence. I refused to be a ‘tourist’ while living there, so I had to fit this in early. I guess I should have taken more advantage of this beautiful space. This is the dome of the cathedral, adorned with a fresco painting. Those fresco paintings… the Italians certainly didn’t suck at that.”

Yes, Jessi. The Italians did NOT suck at frescoes.

With that, I wish you all a very happy and wanderlust-filled Thanksgiving.


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Jessi White’s Mystery Snapshot!

Today, I have something special for you…

I present Travels with Tavel’s FIRST mystery snapshot contributor! Jessi White has provided us with this beautiful photograph:

JW Mystery Snapshot

Please make Jessi feel right at home by guessing:

1) Where the photograph was taken. (City, country, specific building if you can.)

2) What is represented in the photograph? (Artist, work of art, subject matter of the art, style, etc.)

3) If you really know your stuff, give any more information you can about what you see. Teach us something!

As a reminder, I’m always looking for mystery snapshot contributors, so please dig through the photographs from your last trip and find an image that has just enough mystery and just enough hints to make the guessing game fun.


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