Barthelona, and Mystery Snapshot 6

Wow, you are so smart. Congratulations Missy, Dawn, Lisa, Naomi, Geordie and Shannon for guessing the city and – for some of you – identifying the exact buildings!  A special high-five goes to Tom H. for remembering one of the most special people in Barcelona: Tio Rafael, the creaky, farting, hilarious old man with whom I lived for four months. More on him another time.

Last week’s mystery snapshot showed two examples of Gaudi architecture in Barcelona (or as Geordie wrote, “Barthelona”), Spain. Unfortunately, my photos barely do it justice. Feel free to share your own photographs or impressions of the Gaudi buildings! (I’ll post them in the next entry…)

Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1956) was known for his extremely unique and funky architecture, which has since become one of the most recognizable symbols of Barcelona. Rather than sticking to geometric shapes, he mimicked the curves and movement of nature through his designs. Anyone who visits this city MUST visit some of the Gaudi buildings and parks — Park Güell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, etc — because there is nothing quite like it. As playful and spontaneous as the architecture is, the homes are remarkably functional and livable, and yet still ethereal.

Unfortunately, I have to stop there. I was without a laptop for several days (enjoying Portland, Oregon), so I’m going to have to go right into the next mystery snapshot, but we will surely come back to Barcelona…


Please tell me where this street can be found, and what is unique about the city. (Look closely, there is a hint inside the photo!)

Mystery Street

Mystery Street



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3 responses to “Barthelona, and Mystery Snapshot 6

  1. Katie

    Not sure where, but i’d say somewhere in mexico? Is that too broad of an answer?!

  2. Geordie

    I think that says “plateria” on the side of the building, so I’m going to assume somewhere in South America.

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