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The Ultimate Travel Playlist

I’ve decided to do something different today.

Instead of only doing a mystery snapshot, I have decided to assemble the ultimate travel playlist by asking each of you to submit, as a comment, one to five of your favorite travel/trip songs. Share the songs that you would listen to while on a plane, train, boat, or car ride to a new place, the songs that make you feel excited about something new or just travel in general! Then feel free to download the entire list, which I will post in my next entry…

The songs can be old, new, cheesy, out-of-character, personal, uncool, and/or all of the above. This isn’t about judging people’s music taste (there are plenty of other blogs for that); this is about sharing the songs that get your heart racing and your wanderlust going, and learning what songs do the same for others. Don’t be shy.

To start us off, here are five songs I’d definitely play while en route to my next international adventure:

1. M.I.A — Paper Planes

2. Michael Franti and Spearhead — Life in the City

3. Nizlopi — Helen

4. Passion Pit — Little Secrets

5. Algebra Bassett — Run and Hide

(Ahhh, and there are so many more…)

Just so that you aren’t left without some image to daydream about, here are two shots I took that are all about COLOR. Can you guess what island these come from?

Green Black

Green Black

Blue Black

Blue Black


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