The Ultimate Travel Playlist

I’ve decided to do something different today.

Instead of only doing a mystery snapshot, I have decided to assemble the ultimate travel playlist by asking each of you to submit, as a comment, one to five of your favorite travel/trip songs. Share the songs that you would listen to while on a plane, train, boat, or car ride to a new place, the songs that make you feel excited about something new or just travel in general! Then feel free to download the entire list, which I will post in my next entry…

The songs can be old, new, cheesy, out-of-character, personal, uncool, and/or all of the above. This isn’t about judging people’s music taste (there are plenty of other blogs for that); this is about sharing the songs that get your heart racing and your wanderlust going, and learning what songs do the same for others. Don’t be shy.

To start us off, here are five songs I’d definitely play while en route to my next international adventure:

1. M.I.A — Paper Planes

2. Michael Franti and Spearhead — Life in the City

3. Nizlopi — Helen

4. Passion Pit — Little Secrets

5. Algebra Bassett — Run and Hide

(Ahhh, and there are so many more…)

Just so that you aren’t left without some image to daydream about, here are two shots I took that are all about COLOR. Can you guess what island these come from?

Green Black

Green Black

Blue Black

Blue Black



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21 responses to “The Ultimate Travel Playlist

  1. missy

    gipsy kings — montaña
    manu chao — rainin’ in paradise

    (drawing a blank on others right now)

    and, might it be an “antille”? one that has a huge dog and a beautiful house?

    • missy

      oh ps another michael franti song:

      michael franti & spearhead — say hey (i love you) (feat. cherine anderson)….it was in an episode of weeds a couple months ago

  2. Susana

    No suggestions yet, but think it’s a great idea! Now I have to download the songs!


    In no particular order:

    1. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
    2. America – Simon & Garfunkel
    3. Stuck Between Stations – The Hold Steady
    4. Let Down – Radiohead (It’s a good song when your on a plane and looking out at the clouds)
    5. Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan

  4. TOm

    Chan-Chan by Buena Vista Social Club.

    This song always makes me think of walking down some dusty tropical back road for the first time.

    Also Maui? or which ever island Hawaii lives on.

  5. is the answer…Maui?

    1. Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind)
    2. You’ll Always Be Loved By Me (Brooks and Dunn)
    3. Raspberry Beret (Prince)
    4. Only Wanna Be With You (Hootie and the Blowfish)
    5. Sugar (Tonic)

  6. Geordie

    Wow, so many different directions to go. Right now:

    1. Jack and Diane
    2. Sweet Home Alabama
    3. Life is a Highway (a little obvious, I know, but I still like it)

    And there’ve got to be more…

  7. Sarah Z

    In order of favorites:

    1. 3X5, John Mayer
    2. Breakdown, Jack Johnson
    3. Vienna, Billy Joel
    4. Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles
    5. Carolina in My Mind, James Taylor

    St. Thomas?

  8. Noah Gardner

    My ultimate traveling music is Stephen Kellogg’s entire “South of Stephen” Album, especially:

    The Way She Is
    I Know Why
    The America Song

    Check him out — amazing.

  9. Sue

    An excerpt from my upcoming Toronto trip playlist:

    1.) The laws have changed – The New Pornographers
    2.)Back in your head – Tegan and Sara
    3.)I feel it all – Feist
    4.)O Valencia! – The Decemberists
    5.)Always where I need to be – The Kooks

  10. Sue

    Sorry – cheating –

    but I would also like to add every song on the latest Gaslight Anthem but particularly:

    Great Expectations and
    The ’59 Sound


  11. Lisa

    Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty)
    I know what I know (Paul Simon)
    Diamonds on the soles of her shoes (Paul Simon)

    … great idea Rach!

  12. Hughes

    “Beautiful World” or “Melbourne Song” by Colin Hay.

    Fo sho’.

  13. Tom

    Here’s another one:

    First night out in a new city. People everywhere, foreign language. Mixture of excitement and confusion. Overwhelming.

    Jimmy Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower

  14. missy

    ooh, ok, this isn’t a song, but it’s an inspirational pre-trip website:

    (and the song praan by gary schyman is good, too!!)

  15. Dawn

    “Leaving on a Jet Plane”–the Chantal Kreviazuk version

    “Talk Amongst Yourselves”–Grand National

    “Buildings and Mountains”–The Republic Tigers

    “Ta Loca”–Son de Cali

    “Enjoy the Ride”–Morcheeba

  16. Marc

    -Willie Nelson – On The Road Again
    -Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching
    -B.B. King & Eric Clapton – Riding with the King
    -Barenaked Ladies – If I Had $1,000,000
    -Don Henley – The Boys of Summer
    -Billy Ocean – Get Outta My Dreams

    Albums (as in, good to listen all the way through):
    -Sander van Doorn – Identity Mix (Sept. 2006)
    -Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance Year Mix 2006
    -Sander Kleinenberg – Everybody
    -Deep Dish – GU 021 Moscow
    -Pearl Jam – Ten
    -Tool – Undertow

  17. Crystal

    Ah! I feel late, but I told you that I’d post my travel playlist for my upcoming trip. This is what I would play prior to a late summer trip to Dublin and London…

    -Bloc Party, Flux
    -Ting Tings, Fruit Machine
    -Belle & Sebastian, Your Cover’s Blown
    -Of Montreal, Grondlandic Edit
    -MGMT, Time to Pretend
    -MIA, Sunshowers
    -Fujiya & Miyagi, Ankle Injuries
    -Pixies, Where is My Mind?
    -Flight of the Conchords, Theme Song
    -Depeche Mode, Enjoy the Silence

    Maybe some Kills, Thunderheist and Kings of Leon too. Maybe.

    loves and hugs Tavs. -C 🙂

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