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Dancing Around The World

First thing’s first: I want to congratulate Silke for nailing last week’s mystery snapshot! The photo was taken in Salzburg, Austria — the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Sarah Z. and Missy, you two get honorable mentions. Of all the edible legacies Mozart could have left behind, the most prevalent in this part of town is the marzipan-filled chocolate ball. They are quite delicious and an excellent snack for the train ride back to Vienna….

Now, there is something I’d like to discuss.

Several people have asked me, over the past couple of months and even years, if I know about the guy who dances all around the world, named Matt. The answer is YES. And I think he’s awesome. Not only have I been checking in on him over the years, but I know a few people who have danced with him!

The concept is very simple. Matt, a regular guy, films himself dancing with a large group of strangers in front of different landmarks or scenes that represent the culture or country he is in. His dance moves are so goofy and unpretentious, and through his little dance he connects with people all around the world. There are variables — the people, the places, the settings, the atmosphere — and then there are constants — Matt, his dance moves, and the fact that people are always dancing with him. While no words are used, this video communicates many things and seems to have a powerful effect on those who watch it.

This is Matt’s website: “Where the Hell is Matt?” Please watch the video and share your reaction as a comment. How does it make you feel? What is the point? Why do people seem to love this idea? What is Matt’s message? I just want to hear what you think. Watch it… and REACT!



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