White and Blue

I think this is going to be an easy one, but the photos (and place) are just too cool to skip.

NEW: I would like YOU to provide next week’s mystery snapshot! Please email me (travelswithtavel@gmail.com) with your OWN mystery snapshot. Unfortunately, I haven’t been everywhere (yet), and I KNOW there  are many  more beautiful and exciting places worth sharing. So, please contribute! Let’s spice this up.

For this week’s photo, tell me:

1) In what region of what country was this photo was taken?

2) What is it that I am standing on?

3) Any additional information/facts you might know about what you see.

As always, if you’ve been there too, feel free to add a little commentary and talk about your own experience.

Happy guessing, my wanderlust-ing friends! (And yes, that’s me with my brother Robo 🙂 )

White and Blue



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3 responses to “White and Blue

  1. Sarah Z

    I know I know! The Salt Plains in Salta, Argentina! Never been, but saw a pic that looked just like this in a Forbes article about the world’s most unique places.

  2. rob

    Argentina????? Patagonia????

  3. missy

    i’m gonna go with what sarah said..the salt flats outside of salta! even though it could deceivingly be perceived as salar de uyuni in bolivia, i don’t think you’ve been there, so i’m going to go with the salt flats in argentina.

    other information about what i see: somewhere around this time, you chewed coca leaves and had coca tea to combat altitude sickness!

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