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Il Duomo, Firenze

Fantastic job Missy, Ursula, and David! This is, in fact, Il Duomo — Brunelleschi’s dome — in Florence, Italy. And wow, you guys know your Renaissance art! David, I’m particularly impressed by your response. Thank you for teaching us all a little somethin’ about Renaissance Italy. Ursula, if you have any additional photographs to contribute, please do!

Thank you JESSI for providing us with this week’s mystery snapshot! She writes:

“I passed Il Duomo, the city’s landmark,  nearly every day during my summer in Florence (2004) but only entered it one time — the day I captured this picture. It was only my second day in Florence. I refused to be a ‘tourist’ while living there, so I had to fit this in early. I guess I should have taken more advantage of this beautiful space. This is the dome of the cathedral, adorned with a fresco painting. Those fresco paintings… the Italians certainly didn’t suck at that.”

Yes, Jessi. The Italians did NOT suck at frescoes.

With that, I wish you all a very happy and wanderlust-filled Thanksgiving.


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