Up For Interpretation

This week’s photo comes to us from the wonderful Marie Greener.

Rather than trying to guess the exact location of this photograph, perhaps you can try to interpret it

What is going on here? What do you see? Feel free to guess the country, too. And IT’S OK TO BE WRONG! Guess away…

Marie Mystery Snap



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6 responses to “Up For Interpretation

  1. Jessi

    Eek. It looks like a woman being crushed or swallowed up by cords or has an elevator coming down on her. Yet she’s smiling. Did this photographer capture a morbid death?!

  2. Geordie

    Tough one. No geographical features to go off of, so I just have to assume that there’s something about that grate which is a tip off. My guess is Europe but otherwise I’m stymied. Mad props to whoever gets this right!

  3. missy

    i like this pic! geordie is right — no geographical clues, but i’m going to go with looking through some floor-grates at a woman practicing flamenco…

  4. Ursula

    That’s what it looks like behind my fridge.
    Aquarium/ sewer maintenance lady? Has to be CA.
    Tough one!

  5. Susana

    Some hip high design store in NYC. The Prada store in Soho? On the other hand, could it be a store front in the Red District in Amsterdam?

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