Daily Archives: December 30, 2009

Mystery Stroll

Today, I present you with a beautiful mystery snapshot taken by the wonderful Lisa A. This will be the last mystery snapshot of 2009, so give it your best! Just so that we’re all clear, I’m looking for MANY MORE mystery snapshots, travel stories, travel discussion topics, and travel tips… from YOU.  Send ideas and photos to: travelswithtavel@gmail.com. Let’s make 2010 the most wanderlusty year yet, full of both wandering AND lust! Oh and see that little tab on the top right of the screen where you can sign up for an email subscription? Why don’t you go ahead and do that so I can stop harassing everyone on Facebook with my blog updates.

Now, back to the mystery snapshot.

Tell me where this is – the country, region, island, continent, exact spot… Whatever you’ve got! Then tell me why you think that, and any other comments/reflections you have about the image.



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