2013 Travel Wish Lists

The best-case scenario when writing a Travel Wish List is to already be checking off one of the destinations. For the first time in a couple years, I can say that this is exactly what I am doing right now! But my list is long, and the more places I check off, the more I seem to add. Such is the nature of wanderlust. To use a biological term, wanderlust is a positive feedback loop: the more I satisfy it, the more wanderlust I produce. It is this insatiable hunger to explore the world that keeps TwT going, so let’s dive right in and see where we’re all trying to go (at least geographically) this year…

Today, I am asking you to share your 2013 Travel Wish Lists. Please list, as a comment, up to 5 of your top destinations this year. Or, if you want, you can say where you went in 2012 and what was your favorite place.

Love in the snow. NY, NY.

Love in the snow. NY, NY.

Just to get everyone warmed up, I will begin:

1. MEXICO. Yes, I have been to Mexico before. In fact, the last time I was there, I spent a month traveling alone around the Pacific Coast as a co-author for a Frommer’s travel guidebook (which makes me feel pretty cool to say — did that really happen?! Check THIS out for proof – bam!). But life was so different then. Mexico was so different then. Needless to say, it’s time to go back. You’ll hear more about it all when I return… (YAY YAY YAY)

2. MOROCCO. This country never seems to leave my list, regrettably, because I haven’t gone yet. What’s a girl gotta do to get to Fez, Casablanca, and Marrakesh?! Every time I see photographs of Morocco, my heart skips a beat and my mouth starts watering. (This is a normal response, right?) Although it might be a wait, I already know this wait will be worth it.

3. NICARAGUA. More rugged than Costa Rica and less put-together and idyllic than many of its fellow Central American countries, Nicaragua is one of those up-and-coming travel destinations that is starting to enter the conversation just after everyone concludes that they’ve already been to Mexico, Costa Rica, and maybe Belize or Guatemala. For example: “blah blah blah…Where can we go that is not too expensive but feels exotic?… [looking at a map]… What about Nicaragua?…[ambiguous silence]… Are people going there these days?” Yes. Yes, they are. You just haven’t heard about those trips… YET.

4. COLOMBIA. Two of my friends from Ecuador recently did a trip to the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and the pictures were so beautiful that it physically hurt my heart. I felt immediate guilt for not taking that trip I ALMOST took when I moved home from Ecuador [my advice: don’t let yourself live with “trips you almost took” — GO every chance you get]. Google “Tayrona” or “Taganga” to find yourself in the same, painful predicament as me. Colombia is super hot right now (like, hip/popular/cool/trendy), but I’ll take it even when it gets lukewarm. I might even prefer it that way.

5. TANZANIA. I remember being in the third grade and hearing the word “Tanzania” for the first time. Even just the sound of it made me curious… My teacher talked about Tanzania with such passion. She showed us images of its people, its animals, its landscapes, and I think that might have been when and where all my wanderlust began. Since the third grade, I have been saying that I want to go to Tanzania. How and why is it that I am STILL saying this?! Tanzania — you and I will meet some day. And when that day comes, there will be fireworks between us. I can already tell. Be ready.

GREAT. There’s my list. Now it’s YOUR turn!! Cheers to at least some of these travel dreams coming true this year. Happy 2013, everyone!



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6 responses to “2013 Travel Wish Lists

  1. 1. Japan- have always wanted to go. Was somewhat considering it just before the tsunami/earthquake/nuclear crisis. Japan is ready to come off the back burner for me.

    2. Prague- I’ve heard more than a few people list it as their favorite travel spot in Europe. Naturally, I’d like to see for myself.

    3. Alaska- it would be the 49th state I’ve been to and…

    4. Hawaii- would be the 50th.

    5. The Picardy region of France- this area of northen France appeals to me for several reasons, some of which are morbid. About a year ago I re-read All’s Quiet on the Western Front. It got me thinking about my own family during that time and I was reminded that my great grandfather died as a result of a mustard gas attack when he was a soldier in the American Expeditionary Force in WWI. During the war, the Picardy region was cut in half by the western front. It was somewhere in this region that my great grandfather fought and sustained the injuries that would ultimately take his life a few years later. On a personal level, this area has significance for my family. As a fan of history, I’d love to visit the battlefields of the western front and as an admitted Francophile, I love France and would take any opportunity to go back!

    • travelswithtavel

      Excellent list, JBKING! Thank you so much for contributing and getting this party started. How could I forget Prague?! Btw, you have been to 48 states?! That is pretty incredible. I bet it won’t take long before you hit those last two…

      Thanks again for sharing your list! I hope you get to check something off it in 2013!


  2. Dawn

    What a great list….I’m lucky to have been to TINY parts of two of the countries on your list, both thanks to work: Casa on an 11hr layover (definitely go), and Tanzania for 3 days for a conference (sadly just time for one hotel and a cute shopping plaza/harbor). Mike and I are dreaming of Central/South America soon…

    My top from last year was Vitoria-Gasteiz/San Sebastian, Spain, where Mike was racing a triathlon. The epitome of what I love about Europe: terrific cheap wine, walking/biking/running-friendly downtown, enthusiastic locals crowding the streets to cheer at the race, and people of all ages strolling the beach mid-mornings and through town all evening before dinner, no agenda. There was a great warmth and humor about the people. Only complaint was mediocre food. Maldives was a close second, just not quite as fun when it’s a solo work trip πŸ™‚

    For 2013/beyond:
    Southern California (DONE! technically 2012 but the veeery last days)
    Lake Placid (already booked!)
    Southern France
    Almost anywhere in Central America/Brazil/Argentina
    Thailand or Indonesia
    Vegas (maybe not in my top 5, but I HAVE always been curious, and since I qualified for I race at Lake Las Vegas it’s a cool opportunity to see the city on MY terms)

    • travelswithtavel

      Dawn! I love hearing that people checked off places on their lists, as well as the places on MY list! Thank you for the details. I also love that Vegas is on your list. I’ve been and it was definitely way more likable than I expected, as long as you get off the main strip and see some nature…

      Thailand and Indonesia are absolutely on my list, as well. I’m glad you and Mike get to do some traveling together. Let me know if you ever need some tips on South America!

      Happy Travels, Dawn!

  3. reena

    Mexico, here we come!

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