Mystery Snapshot Day!

In what European city was this shameless display of public affection captured?

Ahh, amor...

Ahh, amor abroad...



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9 responses to “Mystery Snapshot Day!

  1. Briyah


  2. Jbking

    I’m gonna say Brussels based on the fact the door to the bus is on the right so it’s probably not London.

  3. hopeless romantic

    I’m going to say Prague. Flags seem to be similar, the word Caffe seems like it would be appropriate, and the tile would also fit in.

  4. Tom

    Looks like the ocean. I don’t think it’s Spain. I’m going to jump on the Lisbon train. (Geordie’s always right in my experience)

  5. Lisa

    Prague! (???)

  6. missy

    i’m gonna go with BCN?

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