Mystery Snapshot 3!

Can anyone tell me where this great, grey church is located? (Bonus points for guessing the city AND country…)

Grey Church

Grey Church



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11 responses to “Mystery Snapshot 3!

  1. Tom

    I think my winning streak is going to end here.
    I’m going w/ Galway, Ireland.

  2. missy

    i think im gonna guess ‘oneofyourlittlemexicanguidebooktowns, mexico’

  3. selena

    looks kinda russian orthodox. uumm lithuania, ukraine? you tracin your roots tavel?

  4. Geordie

    Tough one, Tavel. I’m thinking Eastern Europe. Lithuania, maybe?

  5. missy

    a question for you, tavel– are all the places you are posting places you have been? or not necessarily? this would help with my answers. k, thanks. 🙂

  6. travelswithtavel

    A good question, Missy. All I can say is that every photograph on this website is one that I took, unless otherwise specified (see: Introduction). This gives my stalkers an unfair advantage. (No cheating!)

  7. Elena

    I will go with Riga, Latvia.

  8. missy

    i’m gonna take another gander… austria or belgium?

  9. Tom

    BsAs, Argentina?

  10. Elena

    Ok in that case, Sofia, Bulgaria.

    Man, that pigeon is dropping no hints whatsoever.. They really do look alike around the world, them pigeons, I tell you…

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