The Hills

It’s time to add some nature to the mix…

Where in the world can these colorful hills be found?

Region and country will do (the more specific, the better).  If you can come up with one of the two official names for these hills (or both) you will officially blow my mind. Guesses are welcome. Be creative!

The Hills

The Hills



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5 responses to “The Hills

  1. missy

    pampas, argentina? the andes?

  2. Geordie

    Oh, Argentina is a good guess (but I can’t take credit for it). Reminds me of the American south west, but I’m pretty sure that’s not it.

  3. Huck

    Probably way off but it reminds me of one of the ranges in Alaska.

  4. Tom

    I’m going to guess somewhere in Colorado, although I don’t think you’ve ever been there.

  5. Kerry Elson

    I thought Argentina, too! The western part, specifically. If not, then maybe Austria?

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