Kenny’s Packing Tips

By Kenny Elson Kelson

Kenny Elson Kelson

Kenny Elson Kelson enjoying Riverside Park in NYC

Hello fellow travelers! My name is Kenny Elson Kelson, and I am a traveler of the world. It is a pleasure to be contributing to the weblog “Travels with Tavel.”

Rachel and I met a few years ago at a travel agency in Argentina. We were both booking flights to Iguazu Falls, a majestic waterfall in the northern part of the country. While I was waiting to meet with an agent, I examined one of my maps, but when my number was called, I had trouble folding it. Rachel kindly helped me locate the creases and deposit it back into my fanny pack. We quickly discovered our mutual love of travel, and have been friends ever since.

As I told Rachel that fateful day, I have been traveling for several years now, to such locales as Antarctica, Siberia and the wilds of Tanzania. Most recently, I journeyed to Atlanta!

It’s a pleasure to experience different cultures and explore all the different ways humans live on our great planet. I’ve been able to finance my journeys by making presentations on traveling at community centers, colleges and local libraries, offering a short lecture, slide show, and Q&A session.

In my most requested presentation, I offer tips on packing for a trip. I thought I’d base this weblog entry on that presentation. I hope you find the tips useful.

When I’m packing, I’ve found that there are a few items that always make it into my knapsack. They include:

1. Band-Aids. I always try to be safe, but accidents happen. It’s best to carry these with you just in case. Johnson & Johnson offers a terrific “flexible fabric” variety that’s gentle on the skin, but choose whichever type suits you.

Kenny's BandAids

Kenny's Band-Aids

2. Plenty of socks and underwear. I always tuck mine into a little plastic baggie in case there’s some rainfall.

Kenny's Underpants

Kenny's Underpants

3. A walking stick, for when you’re trekking across rocky terrain. Collapsible sticks will fit snugly inside your knapsack.

4. A compass. If you get lost, one of these should help you get back on track. If you’re really in a pickle, however, just look up and find your North Star. That will always get you home.

Kenny's Compass

Kenny's Compass

Thank you for reading, everyone. If you have any questions about packing or travel, feel free to post them in the comments section below. I’ll be sure to check back in over the next few days to respond to any queries.



Kenny Elson Kelson lives in New York City. He is a puppet. He was created by Kerry Elson during a course on puppetry at Bowdoin College.



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4 responses to “Kenny’s Packing Tips

  1. Susana

    Does Kenny wear diapers, or he launders his little underpants with Clorox every night? They look so white, so unblemished…

    • Kenny Elson Kelson

      Dear Susana,

      Thank you for your kind words about my underpants! I do, in fact, launder them nightly with a bleach alternative by the folks at Tide. Kudos to them for creating a detergent that whitens but isn’t as harmful to the environment as bleach. And that means more natural beauty for us to explore!

      Best of luck in your travels, Susana!


  2. Geordie

    Thank you, Kenny! I remember seeing you perform at Bowdoin a while back and if you’ve still got it! I hope we’ll be hearing more from you.

    • Kenny Elson Kelson

      Dear Geordie,

      Thank you for coming to my presentation at Bowdoin College! I had a great time up in Brunswick. The folks in the outdoors club were so inviting and enthusiastic about travel. They recommended that I venture over to Acadia and Baxter State Park before my flight home, and boy was I glad I took their advice! Those sites are real treasures.

      Best of luck in your travels, Geordie!


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