September Snapshot

I know it’s Tuesday, and Mystery Snapshot Day is traditionally Wednesday, but I just couldn’t WAIT! I plan to take a very long bike ride along the Hudson River tomorrow morning, so I won’t have time to post an entry before work. I hope you forgive me for disrupting routine and celebrate the first day of SEPTEMBER (how the heck did THAT happen?) by trying to guess today’s mystery photo…

Please tell me in which European city this sculpture can be found and, if you can, the story behind it.  Also, I always love to know who has stood exactly where I have in another part of the world, so why don’t you throw that in there.

When ya gotta go...

When ya gotta go...





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3 responses to “September Snapshot

  1. missy

    mannequin pis in brussels! i was there in december 2003 and saw our small-bladdered friend wearing a santa suit. apparently, they change his clothes rather often.

  2. Geordie

    One of my students at Hotchkiss did a report on Brussels and really enjoyed telling the class all about this statue.

  3. Dawn

    Oh how I miss this!

    Oneof many legends behind Manneken Pis–the version I was told, or rather two or three versions mixed together: Sometime in the 14th century, while Brussels was under seige (by who? I’m not good with details!), the king’s son disappeared. A search party scoured the city for days. Finally, someone found him…happily peeing in an alley. It turns out later he was peeing on a bomb planted along the city wall, extinguished the flame, and saved the city from ruin (or at least part of it). Everyone was so relieved they erected a statue in his honor. here are a few more stories 🙂

    Thanks for the memory Tavel!! Where’s the picture of YOU with him??

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