2010 Travel Wish List

With the end of 2009 approaching, I would like all of you to take a moment and think about your travel hopes and dreams for 2010. For me, 2009 started in the Caribbean (St. Maarten) and ended in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic). But what a journey it was in between! And I don’t just mean geographically…

This week, I’d like all of you to share your travel wish list for 2010. It can be as many things as you’d like. Tell us where you want to go, why you want to go there, what you want to check off the bucket list, if you have any particular travel goals or dream destinations, if there is a certain activity you want to participate in (a mountain to climb, a race to win, a carnival to see), and then… tell us your FAVORITE trip or travel moment of 2009.

One of my recurring travel goals (echem, fantasies)  is to go horseback riding on the beach any and every chance I get. One week ago today, that is exactly what I did on a pristine beach in the Dominican Republic. I cannot explain why, but when I am galloping down an empty beach in another country, on a horse that is going as fast as I can possibly make it, I know that I am living my dream; I am absolutely, purely HAPPY. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

CHEERS, to living the dream in 2010.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic



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10 responses to “2010 Travel Wish List

  1. Geordie

    Mexico/Spain or really anywhere where I could improve my Spanish.

    World Cup 2010 in South Africa. If only it didn’t like, ya know, cost lots of money.

  2. Hmm, travel wish list. Where do I start? Well, the first thing would be to continue to check off the 50 States. Hopefully by the end of today, I should have a plane ticket to New Mexico to spend New Years Eve there. That will leave 7 more states to go. High up on the wish list is Japan. I’ve always wanted to go there and I’ve been selling it real hard to my travel friends. If not Japan, then a train trip through Europe, starting in London and ending up in either Spain or Italy. Finally, for sentimental reasons and to see friends, the great state of Florida.

    Top travel moments of 2009, in no particular order,
    1) Flying from New York to Seattle after a full day of work to show up at a random bar in Olympia, WA to suprise a friend I hadn’t seen in 3 years. A tip of my hat to his wife for helping me do it.

    2) Falling in love with the State of Montana.

    3) Visiting an authentic Texas BBQ place in the middle of Texas’Hill Country. There were real vultures on the side of the road when I got there.

  3. Dawn

    Where to begin?!

    Tuscany….Provence….west Africa….Australia….Thailand….but since I’ll probably have to pick one, Italy has my heart at the moment.

    …with someone/a crew that’s really special, because companions define the experience 🙂

    As for races, Cherry Blossom in April (I’m in!) and I hope a triathlon somewhere really beautiful…

  4. Sarah Z

    My dream destination is and has always been Africa – I don’t think that I will be crossing that off the list this year, but you never know! As always, I’d like to and plan on going back to England at least once – that is always my favorite trip of the year. Perhaps not the most exotic of places to go, but nothing beats seeing my family and the friends I made while living there.

    Other than that, I hope to make a trip to Montreal – still never been to Canada! A trip to Colombia is in the works for the spring, and between the 7 weddings I have lined up already for the coming year, and the DC Cherry Blossom run in the spring, there will a lot of travel back and forth to NC and DC.

    2009 started off with a trip to Dominican Republic for New Year’s – that was a pretty amazing way to kick off the year, and I would have to say my highlight. Maybe I’ll round off the next year with a repeat performance.

  5. Huck

    Anywhere with beaches or mountains but going to Kona for a short triathlon they do there would be amazing…

  6. Dream: Europe. Or home.
    Best of 2009: Even though I had an awesome trip to Napa, I think I’ll go with a lonely winter night’s drive to Long Island City, to pick up little Nori who we eventually adopted 🙂

  7. Alaska

    1) England and France – hopefully I can run the Paris marathon, but I intend to visit my friend who’s studying at Cambridge regardless.

    2) Texas – I can’t explain this one. It popped into my head the other day. Odd.

    3) Utah/Wyoming/(Northern) Arizona – I just watched the PBS special “National Parks” and now I’m dying to see them. All of them. Grand Canyon’s a great place to start, as is the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

  8. thatGuy

    Travel? Who does that anymore? It’s just such a foreign concept!!

    Travel hopes for 2009:

    Argentina – work and play
    Epic Yuppy Skibum Adventure – tbd as to whether or not this actually happens, but the plan is 5 mountains, 4 states, 15 days, and an RV
    Belgium – Work
    Portland – Skiing/visiting friends
    Boston – cause my heterosexual lifepartner can get lonely
    Chicago-NY-VA-Chicago road trip – cause my mom ain’t movin herself
    Random frequent trips to NYC
    Work trips to Minneapolis – Cause that place never gets boring
    And saving up for a trip to Bora Bora xmas 2010 – who’s in it with me?

    Best travel experience of 09 – Louisville, KY…Ironman (close second is 2 solid training weeks in Sydney)

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