2011 Travel Wish List

Hello 2011!

I’ve decided it’s going to be a great year, so let’s make it happen.

Last year, I asked you all to put together a travel wish list for 2010. Check out the wish lists some of you sharedย here (see comments). Today, my question is: Did you make it to any of the places on your wish list in 2010? Also, do you have any travel regrets (not that I believe in those) or leftover wishes? Did 2010 take you somewhere completely unexpected, instead?

I think we know MY answer to that last question… (Um, YES.)

Trees. Las Pampas, Argentina. April 2010.

2011 is going to be the first year in over five that I have to trim down my wish list — at least in terms of what is “realistic” (I put quotations around “realistic” because I really believe one NEVER knows — the boundaries of “realistic” are malleable). But isn’t a wish list about hoping and dreaming, even if you aren’t really sure what’s possible? I think yes. So here is a quick list of 5 places I would absolutely LOVE to go in 2011… Financially feasible, or not. Check it out, then share YOUR travel wish list ย for 2011 (no matter how simple, grand, or unrealistic) as a comment.

1. Tanzania and/or Kenya. Yes, it’s time for some Africa in my life. I have wanted to go to Tanzania since I was a kid, and it continues to stay at the top of my travel wish list. While I’m down there, I would never forgive myself if I didn’t als0 stop by Kenya. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but some day — maybe this year, maybe fifty years from now — I will GO to Tanzania. And I cannot wait.

2. Southern Spain. Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Malaga… How have I NOT gone to Southern Spain yet?! FAIL –> MUST.GO. Shame on me and my Southern Spanish roots.

3. India. The only country I have been to in Asia is Japan. This does not, in any way, reflect all the places in Asia that I WANT to visit — ie, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos… But India seems to remain at the top of my Asia wish list. I’m not sure how I will make this trip happen, but a girl can daydream.

4. Morocco. The architecture, the mixing of French and Arabic in the air, the food, the mint tea in those tiny glasses, the sound of prayers, the smell (well, I imagine it smells very interesting)… There is something exotic and sexy about this country (and its dark, mysterious men…) and I want a piece… At least just a taste. And I don’t mind if it’s completely imperfect, and maybe even a little dangerous… In fact, both are encouraged.

5. Puerto Rico. Yes, I’ve been before. But it’s so close, so accessible, and has so much personality. Plus, it’s becoming Miami-ified, I believe — which is both a positive and negative thing for obvious reasons. Either way, I’m curious to see this sassy Island from a different perspective than when I was a 5th grader on a family vacation. This time around, I’d like to take a tall, dark and handsome romantic interest (must love spandex). Any takers? Hehe.

So there you have it. Please ignore my occasional references to tall/dark/handsome/mysterious men. I may have gotten a little carried away there…

Cheers, as always, to 2011 and LIVING THE DREAM — even if, sometimes, the dream changes.



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15 responses to “2011 Travel Wish List

  1. Sue

    oooph. I’m supposed to go to singapore this year to visit the inlaws, but not sure if that’s going to happen. Too many weddings! Anywho, my only travel regret of 2010 is that I didn’t get to visit you when you were still at Viva ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. travelswithtavel

    Ooh, Singapore! I hear that’s a crazy place to visit. You’ll have to guest blog ๐Ÿ™‚ And no regrets — you can always visit me in Argentina some day — free stay included ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for sharing Sue!!

  3. J$

    1. Spain – April 2011 (Santiago de Compostella/Madrid/step over to Portugal perhaps??). I’m finally returning to Europe. Hooray.
    2. Somewhere in the Caribbean… whatever cheapcaribbean.com has to offer or other sites sweet deals to lure me there. Warmth and sun during NYC cold and gloom is my dream. MY DREAM!!!
    3. Have to visit Houston now that a new nephew resides there. If a trip to NASA could happen while there, though, WELL worth the trip check list.
    4. If Shweta gets married in 2011, INDIA!
    5. Some misc. place I never knew I would go and will fall in-love with…

  4. Sarah

    Will be hopefully moving to New Jersey with my boyf this year as his work contract takes him there – I will only be a tourist though so am planning a few trips as well. I want to learn Spanish in Guatemala and travel around Central America for a few weeks, see what happens! Will be my first extended trip of that type so am taking it easy with myself and not setting huge expectations other than 1) relaxing away from work, 2) getting a lot of vitamin D and a tan, 3) visiting as many ruins as I can 4) breathing a lot of fresh air and walking more. I think that sounds nice – it makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • travelswithtavel

      I spend a good portion of this summer proofreading a Guatemala guidebook, and let me just say — studying Spanish there sounds like a GREAT idea. It is an amazing country and the perfect place to study the language. Good luck! Let me know if you need advice on where to go in Costa Rica. I spent a month there, mostly off-the-beaten-track….

      I’m all for “scheduling” relaxation, too. Good on ya! Sometimes the simple pleasures of travel are the best — peace of mind, sunshine, walking… Sounds like a fantastic year. Thanks for sharing!

  5. GREAT list!!! I was in India in 2010 and looooooved it. I think my fiance and I are going to try and go to Puerto Rico for NYE 2012 (he won’t have his green card yet so we have to stay in US territory). Happy 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. zachary papas

    Jim and I want to go to India for winter break 2011! So glad that India is on the list of places Tavel wants to go to!

  7. Thailand in April for the Songkran festival. And hopefully, back to Vegas in July.

  8. Dawn

    My plans:
    1. Costa Rica AT LAST! Dear friends are getting married there in July and I can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚
    2. Haiti, Niger, Nigeria, and/or Mauritania in spring–for work, not exactly vacation but I’m excited to see the projects I’ve been supporting.
    3. Cozumel in Nov maybe? to cheer on teammates at Ironman!

    My dreams:
    1. Italy, Southern Spain, or ANYWHERE that takes me back to Europe…it’s been too long….Tavel, want to go??
    2. Nepal to see my cousin and family, Australia/New Zealand to see friends, but probably next year.

    Here’s to happy travels!

    • travelswithtavel

      Ahhh! Your PLAN sounds amazing!! Can I please join you in Cozumel? And Mauritania?! ๐Ÿ™‚ But more realistically Cozumel…

      As for your dreams… Europe is probably a little out of my price range for the next year (maybe I’ll get to Spain but we shall see). That said, let me know if you need an island escape or a trip to Buenos Aires!! I’m SERIOUSLY thinking of spending some time down there in February, when it’s still nice and warm… ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Francesca

    Oh, Tanzania…. I didn’t expect to fall in love with it as much as I did, and I hope to one day return. Before I went to Africa, a few different people warned that I would become “addicted” to Africa, that it gets under one’s skin. I waved it off as travelers’ fancies, only to become addicted not long after my arrival. I hope you make it to Tanzania & Kenya. It truly is the trip of a lifetime.

    As for my plans for this year, the family & I are going to Italy in March. Very excited about that. Then hubs & I will take a 10-year anniversary trip later in the year, possibly to Montreal or New Orleans. And that’s it, although some weekend trips may sneak in there throughout the year ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Stephanie

    I think I’m a bit late to this party, but…

    I only have 2 weeks off from work for vacation, so here’s reality:
    1. Taipei, Taiwan for Chinese New Year! Planning to visit my extended family, practice my horrible Mandarin, eat a ton of street food, and see real life pandas!
    2. San Francisco, CA – this will be my first solo trip! It will only be about four days, but I’m excited to stay in a hostel and see how I handle traveling solo (hopefully I will meet some other traveler though!)
    3. NYC – If my solo trip goes well, then I might do another long weekend in New York City and use the last bits of my vacation.
    4. Costa Rica – and if I’m a solo pro, I might use my week off for Christmas to backpack in Costa Rica!

    If I had more vacation time, my dream destinations would be:
    1. Backpack the SE Asia trail
    2. Learn Spanish and volunteer somewhere in South America
    3. Um… The Wonderful World of Harry Potter at Disney World & Animal Kingdom, haha.

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