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2011 Travel Wish List

Hello 2011!

I’ve decided it’s going to be a great year, so let’s make it happen.

Last year, I asked you all to put together a travel wish list for 2010. Check out the wish lists some of you shared here (see comments). Today, my question is: Did you make it to any of the places on your wish list in 2010? Also, do you have any travel regrets (not that I believe in those) or leftover wishes? Did 2010 take you somewhere completely unexpected, instead?

I think we know MY answer to that last question… (Um, YES.)

Trees. Las Pampas, Argentina. April 2010.

2011 is going to be the first year in over five that I have to trim down my wish list — at least in terms of what is “realistic” (I put quotations around “realistic” because I really believe one NEVER knows — the boundaries of “realistic” are malleable). But isn’t a wish list about hoping and dreaming, even if you aren’t really sure what’s possible? I think yes. So here is a quick list of 5 places I would absolutely LOVE to go in 2011… Financially feasible, or not. Check it out, then share YOUR travel wish list  for 2011 (no matter how simple, grand, or unrealistic) as a comment.

1. Tanzania and/or Kenya. Yes, it’s time for some Africa in my life. I have wanted to go to Tanzania since I was a kid, and it continues to stay at the top of my travel wish list. While I’m down there, I would never forgive myself if I didn’t als0 stop by Kenya. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but some day — maybe this year, maybe fifty years from now — I will GO to Tanzania. And I cannot wait.

2. Southern Spain. Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Malaga… How have I NOT gone to Southern Spain yet?! FAIL –> MUST.GO. Shame on me and my Southern Spanish roots.

3. India. The only country I have been to in Asia is Japan. This does not, in any way, reflect all the places in Asia that I WANT to visit — ie, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos… But India seems to remain at the top of my Asia wish list. I’m not sure how I will make this trip happen, but a girl can daydream.

4. Morocco. The architecture, the mixing of French and Arabic in the air, the food, the mint tea in those tiny glasses, the sound of prayers, the smell (well, I imagine it smells very interesting)… There is something exotic and sexy about this country (and its dark, mysterious men…) and I want a piece… At least just a taste. And I don’t mind if it’s completely imperfect, and maybe even a little dangerous… In fact, both are encouraged.

5. Puerto Rico. Yes, I’ve been before. But it’s so close, so accessible, and has so much personality. Plus, it’s becoming Miami-ified, I believe — which is both a positive and negative thing for obvious reasons. Either way, I’m curious to see this sassy Island from a different perspective than when I was a 5th grader on a family vacation. This time around, I’d like to take a tall, dark and handsome romantic interest (must love spandex). Any takers? Hehe.

So there you have it. Please ignore my occasional references to tall/dark/handsome/mysterious men. I may have gotten a little carried away there…

Cheers, as always, to 2011 and LIVING THE DREAM — even if, sometimes, the dream changes.



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