We’re Pretty Too

As many of you know, this past Thursday was Travels with Tavel’s six-month birthday…

Happy half-birthday T w/ T!!

I want to share some state-of-the-blog information (and a celebratory Mystery Snapshot, see below), because these numbers wouldn’t exist without you guys, my loyal daydreamers. I had not been counting, but when I woke up and looked at the date,  January 7, it occurred to me that I had started T w/ T on July 7 — exactly six months (to the DAY) earlier. Then, when I looked at the total number of blog hits, I saw a mathematically beautiful number: 3,600.

The math was easy: 3,600 hits over six months = 600 hits per month = 150 hits per week = an average of about 21.4 hits per day. I don’t even know what those numbers mean in comparison to any other blogs, but all I can say is that they made me so happy and PROUD. If nothing else, this means I’m not the only person out there who fantasizes about travel. There is a lot more I plan to do with T w/ T, so brace yourselves because the next six months are going to be even more FUN!

On Thursday, I had my highest hit-count in one day. Until then, the most hits the blog had gotten in one day was 127. Well, on T w/ T’s six-month birthday, it got 230 HITS! I take that as a good omen, and cannot wait to see where we go from here (in the world, and with the blog).

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you with this many words and no photograph!

Today’s Mystery Snapshot comes from my favorite cowgirl, Schuyler Dudley. Yes, she took this photograph. Tell me where in the UNITED STATES this photo comes from: the state, mountains, region… Get as specific as you can. A horse-lover myself (and one who has never been to mountains like these), I am immediately putting this place on my places-I-must-go-in-the-US list.

Mystery Mountains and Horses



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7 responses to “We’re Pretty Too

  1. Geordie

    Beautiful pic. My United States geography is pretty poor but I will give it a shot. It’s gotta be somewhere in the west, and Colorado just seems too obvious. After that, though I’m a little stymied. Horses? Where would they be? I’m going to go with South Dakota.

  2. Huck

    Jackson Hole? Montana? Where ever it is I want to be there…

  3. thatGuy

    I think it looks a whole lot like a trip I did to the Bitterroot National Forest…but it might might be the same mountain range on the Idaho side. So my guess…the Rocky Mountains, Northeast Idaho.

  4. missy

    i agree with everyone who’s written so far, so i guess i’m going to go with wyoming..

  5. Tom H

    That’s a lot of mountains. I’m gonna go with AK (in the summer).

  6. Katie

    hmmm… wyoming? Are you going to tell us that’s the view from Schuyler’s house?! It’s so beautiful, where ever it is, I definitely want to go. Maybe on the way back from Argentina?

  7. Sarah Z

    Montana? Total guess, but I have always dreamed of going there, and in my mind that’s exactly what it looks like 🙂

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