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Rooftop Activity

Happy Mystery Snapshot Day!

Keep the photographs and contributions comin’. I have thoroughly enjoyed the participation of every single contributor, so thank you. We’ve got a few photos and travel stories on deck, but I’m always looking for more.  I’m going to start introducing more discussions, news items, random travel tips and maybe even a couple reviews (as can you). Feel free to make suggestions and tell me what YOU’D like to see on T w/ T. Send any and all ideas to: travelswithtavel@gmail.com.

Today, I’m providing us with the Mystery Snapshot, just like the good ol’ days…

Can you tell me where this is? (Country/region/province), what this is (it kind of looks like…?!?), and/or why this is…? There’s a lot going on geologically, for starters. Any insight you can come up with — even if it’s a complete guess — is worth a comment.

Rooftop Activity



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