Back to the Euro

Happy Friday, people!

Is it just me, or does wanderlust get even MORE intense as winter turns slowly into spring? This happens to me every year. The holidays pass, a couple long weekends appear on the horizon, and I can barely contain my fantasizing about where to run away, even if it’s only for a few days. Currently, I have February 12th to 16th FREE. To me, a long weekend like that is better than gold. Last year, I spent it in Miami (boy was I happily surprised with that place, which was like being in an ostentatious, model-filled version of Latin America), but I need help figuring out where (and with whom) to escape to this year… Thoughts?!

Let’s travel back to Europe for this week’s Mystery Snapshot…

Provided by the lovely Dawn R., please tell me which European city this might be. Then, tell me which languages are spoken there… (That is kind of a hint, for those who like hints.) Ready, set, GO!

Mystery Dawn



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7 responses to “Back to the Euro

  1. Geordie

    This picture reminds me a lot of France, and so with the multiple languages hint, I’m going to say Geneva (official languages French, German and Italian).

  2. missy

    well, using the hints of dawn and europe and languages, i think i’m going to go with brussels…(dutch and flemish)

  3. Katie

    I’m gonna say it’s somewhere I’ve never been, but would love to go! So beautiful. I’m not really sure, so I’ll guess somewhere in France. But again, I’m really not confident – I wouldn’t bet my right hand on it 🙂

  4. Ursula

    I’ll say Brugge/ Bruges in Belgium just because I like the way it sounds.

  5. Some place in space. Or Belgium.

  6. Noah G

    I’m going with Vienna, Austria and the languages are German, English and French

  7. Raechel

    I’m going with Luxembourg. And the languages are Luxembourgish (apparently that’s actually a language), English, German, and French.

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